A wonderful day spent at a private lake in the Cajas was made even more wonderful because we brought home 6 beautiful trout to eat! This was our first time fly fishing and we had a great time. Have been on excursions in the Cajas numerous times and this was the best! James tailors the trip to your desires and fitness level. And he ensures a wonderful experience.  Highly recommend this adventure if you are near Cuenca.


NOTE:  My fly fishing clinics are held on a private lake with stocked and native trout. These trout are here to harvest and enjoy if you wish or you can practice CPR,  Catch, Photograph and Release. Every fish on this page was harvested  and provided a delicious and healthy meal.


Fintastic Adventures is now offering fly fishing clinics at two locations.  Both clinics are ‘On The Water’ instruction in El Cajas and you will be catching beautiful  rainbow  trout.  Clinics are limited to only four students.    All clinics will include various casting techniques, equipment identification,  knot tying, fly selection and presentation, hook setting, proper techniques for playing and releasing the fish,  trout behavior and fish photo hints. Clinics are 6 hours including drive time. Pick up is normally at 0800 hrs and return to Cuenca at 1400 hrs. Pick up locations are listed at bottom of page unless determined elsewhere.  Equipment and local transportation are included.   To reserve your spot, questions  and additional information visit our 'Contact' page.


Stream fly fishing clinics are now being offered in one of the most beautiful locations in all of Cajas.

See Below for details.

                    Beginner's Fly Fishing Clinic   


1 Angler   $160   Private Outing

2 Anglers   $85 per person

3 Anglers   $60 per person

There is a natural lake  just off the highway in Cajas which is privately owned and very well stocked with  trout ranging from ½ lb. (9” or so) to over 5 lbs  (24”)   This lake is a Pesca Deportiva which translates to Sport Fishing. Pesca Deportivas are (Catch & Pay) private fisheries. If desired, you may keep your catch.  Trout are $2.50 a pound, which is less than market prices.  Catch and Release may also be practiced here as well but only when you are involved with one of my clinics.


     The beauty of this lake is that the trout are not your typical farm raised fish.   These are beautiful rainbow trout.  The trout are introduced to the lake when they are fingerlings ( about 4") and raised on both trout feed and natural prey, giving the meat a better taste and color. This enables the fish to grow, act and fight much more naturally.  Don't be fooled though, these fish are at times are not easily caught.  About half of the fish come off during the fight  due to the barbless hooks that I require all clients to use.  


  There is no hiking involved, plus you may have a few nice fish to take home.  If you don't fancy trout you're  local neighbors will love you for them








































Bamboo Tenkara Fly Fishing

                     Huck Finn meets Tenkara

Interested in fly fishing, but thought it might be a bit too complicated? Well, think no more. I am introducing a new, simplified method of fly fishing which incorporates traditional fly fishing, the old Huck Finn bamboo pole and the ancient Japanese method of Tenkara flyfishing. In Tenkara one just uses a rod, line and fly (no reel). A fixed length of fly line connects to the tip of the rod, in our case a bamboo pole, which I grow and make myself. Quick to learn, intuitive and fun.  Tenkara style fishing is usually for smaller stream fish so when you hook into a larger 4 or 5lb. trout things get very exciting very quickly. 
Watch the video below for a quick intro to Tenkara.  You will be making 25 foot casts in one minute and catching beautiful rainbow trout from 1 lb. to possibly 5+ lbs. Catch and Release or Keep and Pay, your choice. 



Yesterday was the best fishing catch EVER for me and it was the best tasting  trout I ever had.  FINNALY MADE MY GOAL OF CATCH AND EAT.  What a Great Day.

 Thank you to James Drummondo. Doing Tenkara, bamboo fly fishing was not only successful but lots of fun... caught and released more fish then ever.  I also caught a native species which we released back into the lake.
We will go out with James again, this time to an isolated Inca ruin.  He knows so much about the terrain and places that most people don't go so our next adventure with him will be a hike in the Andes to secret places.

Stream Fly Fishing Clinic


I have three pick up locations.  Pick which one works best for you and message with me via the Contact Page.



1.  Bocatti Deli at the south end of Solano Ave, just across from Tres Puentes.  0800 hrs


2.  Otorongo Plaza on 12 Abril in front of Magnolia's Cafe   0810 hrs.


3.  PS Gas Station (mini mart) Las Americas and Ordono Lazzo   0820 hrs.


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