Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador offers guided fly fishing  outings through out the El Cajas region.  El Cajas  ( is the national park starting just 30 minutes outside the  Cuenca city limits.  The average altitude we fish is 12,000 feet.  Due to being on the equator these lakes do not freeze and fishing is possible year round.  The majority of the fishing destinations are only an hours drive.  There are over 250 lakes within the park with 40 or so outside the park boundaries. Many of these lakes are within an hours hike.  All of the fishing is done from shore and mostly all still water; natural, clear glacier lakes and ponds. Most of the lakes are connected by small streams all usually holding smaller wild trout.  A few of the fishing locations are on private land within the national park which I have an arrangement with the owners.  My outings are customized based on your desires, physical condition and experience.  Some walking is necessary to reach the lakes and most lakes I fish can be reached within a half hour. 

Day outings are typically from 0630 to 1500 hrs. 

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Catch & Release is practiced on all trout, most especially wild trout. Catch & Keep fishing is possible but only in private lakes where the trout are stock for the purpose of harvesting. 

                                                            The Trout

The wild rainbow trout here are referred to as Trucha Roja (Red Trout) and distinguished by the striking red gill plates and bright red lateral lines. Most of the stocked rainbow are introduced when fingerlings and mature into beautiful fish as well. Brown trout are referred to as Trucha Punta Roja (Red Dot Trout) or Salmon.  All of the brown trout are wild fish.


                                                             The Gear

All fishing gear is provided, both fly and spinning. Quality fly rods from 3wt to 8wt.  Sage, Echo, Thomas & Thomas, Ross & Cabelas. We fish mostly floating weight forward lines, occasionally fishing a sink tip in the deeper lakes. My fly selection is simple; variations of wooly buggers, caddis, adams, nymphs & terrestrials. There is a $3 charge for each lost fly if lost while casting. You are more the welcome to fish your own flies.  

                                                      Catch & Release

Proper Catch & Release is strongly practiced.  All flies must be barbless, if using spinning gear all lures must have a single barbless hook. I fish the heaviest tippets possible to reduce break offs and shorten playing time to reduce excessive stress to the fish.  Fish are only handled for recovery periods and photo ops. Fish are kept out of the water for no longer than 10 seconds and anglers only get one opportunity for a photo.


James Drummond  A Trout Fly Fishing Guide Service in Cajas, Cuenca






                                                      Catch & Release Video

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