Fly Fishing the El Cajas 
                   Continental Divide - Andes - Ecuador
  The Quichua refer to El Cajas as The Balcony of Heaven
Bienvendidos to Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador. Guided fly fishing outings for beautiful rainbow and brown trout within the stunning and unique El Cajas, only 50 minutes from Cuenca.
                                    MISSION STATEMENT
To have each and every client have one of their most memorable fly fishing experiences ever.



      James Drummondo
        Operator / Guide























I was a fly fishing guide in North Florida for years and I can tell you from first hand James is a pro and can get you in position to catch fish on your first outing if you can keep them on your fly. Extremely knowledgeable in teaching, knowing his territory, history of the areas and is a pleasure to fish with. I never thought I would be catching rainbow trout at 13,000 FEET. The Andes up close are a must see. My fishing was only interrupted for breaks to see the wonders around me, including the beautiful flowers. Mother Earth just amazes me .It is a must trip and you might see me tagging along.

Capt. Bill 



I would like to recommend James of Fintastic Adventures to anyone eager to explore the fly fishing available in and around Cuenca.  James has spent over 5 years exploring, discovering and developing a portfolio of fly fishing locations, and is a wealth of information on where, when, and how to fish the various waters near Cuenca and on the coast for saltwater species.  I had the pleasure of fishing a private lake in the Cajas with James recently, which he has developed into what is probably the first catch and release water in Ecuador.  We had an unforgettable day of not only great fly fishing, but being in incredible scenery and wonderful conversation! 



Cajas Fly Fishing Guide and Naturalist

Our adventure in the Cajas was spectacular with James Drummondo as guide, fisherman and naturalist. James took us to some private land in the Cajas with many beautiful lakes, a forest, waterfalls, bogs and meadows. He picked and made tea for us from the local flora and then his friend Rocky made us a fabulous, fresh-caught trout lunch in their cozy hut. James is so knowledgeable about the land, the plants, the animals and fishing, it was truly a delightful day. So much fun to approach nature with someone so enthusiastic and grounded. I highly recommend James. He goes the extra mile to ensure you have a rewarding day. 


James LIED to me!!  He said he was the worst fly fishing guide in the world!  A boldfaced lie!!  My son, my friend and I took a fly fishing class with James and had one of he best fishing experiences I have ever had.  He was efficient, patient and beyond knowledgeable of his craft.  Besides that, he was just was easy to get along with and just showed us a very good day.  For me as a dad, I was impressed how he interacted with my 8-year old son who put us all to shame pulling in about 12 of the 22 fish we caught that day!  

I highly recommend James for a fly fishing guide.  You will have a great day no matter how many fish you catch!!

Darrell,  Cuenca Ecuador


We would like to recommend Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador. James is a very knowledgeable and extremely likeable fly fishing guide who went the extra miles to make our fishing excursion terrific. He had many options for us to choose and our day was everything we had hoped for...beautiful scenery, a lovely hike and some great fishing. If you are the least bit interested in fly or spin fishing the lakes or streams call James.   You won't regret it.
Tammy and Jeff Anthony


Hola James;
Just wanted to thank you again for the great time we had fishing last week in the Cajas. I also appreciate the fly fishing instruction you gave me. This was the first time I had ever done it and all I can think about is how much fun it was. I can't wait to go out and try it again. Thanks again for the awesome experience.
Mike from B.C. Canada


Hello James,


Thought I would take a moment to tell you what a great time we had fishing with you in the Cajas. The weather was good the fishing was great and your instruction was much appreciated. Cant wait to do it again.

Gracias Amigo




I Recently I had the pleasure of accompanying James Cousteau Drummondo with Fintastic Adventures for a day of fly fishing in the Cajas Mountains.  Although I had done much conventional fishing, I was a complete novice when it came to fly fishing.  I found James to be a most patient instructor. His knowledge of fly fishing techniques and his respect for the environment and was readily apparent.  A beautiful sun-kissed day at a stunning mountain lake capped off by the joy of catching three Rainbow Trout, and I am now “hooked”.  I highly recommend that you consider booking your next fly fishing adventure with James.


Cuenca, Ecuador


Fly Fishing for Girls!  If you have ever wanted to try fly fishing, ladies, James is your man.  His extensive experience is surpassed only by his incredible patience.   His “On the Water” clinic was my first foray into fly fishing and I think I have fallen in love.  I may be searching for that perfect cast for the rest of my life.  But, try it for yourself.  There are lots of fish in the stream.  






I went flyfishing in the Cajas with James Drummondo ,Guide with Fintastic Adventures. Never Fly fished in all of my fishing experience. James was the best at teaching this great art. We had a great day fishing. The country is beyond breathtaking and I am no doubt headed back on another trip very soon. James was very patient and shared his vast knowledge with great style.



My husband and I have been on four "Fintastic Adventures" with James, and each one has been "FINTASTICO"!  The country side of each  adventure has been breath taking.  It is a comfortable relaxed excursion with 3 to 4 people who are nature enthusiast  and James takes you to experience the"Nature" side of Ecuador.
Our hiking salute to James is that he is always in the forefront but devotes time and freedom for you to enjoy the sensory experience of the moment and the surroundings.  James, we are looking forward to many more Fintastic Adventures. 
Roxanne and Michael




We want to thank you for an amazing day in the Cajas. It was beautiful and so much fun. You made us so comfortable that it felt like we were with a long lost friend.  The scenery was breathtaking. The excitement each time we saw the ripple as we watched a fish head towards our fly followed by the fun of the catch was was unbelievable.  The way you shared our excitement  made it even more fun.  It was absolutely the highlight of our Ecuador trip. Spending a day with you should be at the top of the list for anyone who enjoys hiking and fly fishing in the Cajas.  Thank you again for a fabulous day.


Wallee and Nancie 



Guided Flyfishing Cuenca

Guided Fly Fishing Cajas

My father and I spent 5 days with James, flyfishing and hiking in El Cajas National Park. It was a great trip and well thought out in terms of our fitness and fishing ability. James was great company, is knowledgeable about Cuenca and the surrounding area and we caught some great trout. I would highly recommend his service to anyone looking for outdoor activities in the Cuenca area. Thank you and big thumbs up!

Ralph,  London

I’d like to recommend the flyfishing guide services of James Drummondo with Fintastic Adventures de Ecuador in Cuenca. I’d hadn’t fly fished for years but James quickly had me back in the game with a few casting pointers. I had heard about the trout fishing in the Andes and the unique environment of the Cajas and James put the package together.  Fly fishing with the llamas at 12,000 feet, nothing short of amazing.

As an amateur photographer I was in heaven with the endless photo opportunities the Cajas provided.  All in all, a very special day I will never forget.

Gracias James and I’ll see you again in 6 months.

Pete Witman

San Francisco, CA

Had a magical day in the Cajas Mtns with a small group taking a fly fishing clinic.  James Drummondo, Fintastic Adventures Fly Fishing Guide Service, is organized, calm, incredibly patient, a kind teacher as he instructs on specific skills.  The day I joined in the fun, there were 3 students.  Comfortable car to the Cajas.  James is a very confident, responsible driver. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Cajas, the trout and all related to fly fishing Ecuador. Timely - started on time and had us back in Cuenca by the expected time. The beauty of Cajas is incredible.




GringoPost got it right when they named James and Fintastic Adventures as the #1 fly fishing guide and hiking guide in Cuenca. My wife, who had never cast a line before in her life, and I went with James to one of his favorite lakes in the Cajas. He got my wife casting (almost) like a pro in just a few minutes, and we spent a morning catching rainbow trout. James knows fishing and he knows the Cajas. In the afternoon, we went on a hike to a most interesting area where we saw everything from tundra to cloud forest. I've spent a lot of time and money with fishing guides, and James is top-notch. We will go with him again.



If you want to have some fun, and catch some fish, I suggest you contact James Drummondo of Fintastic Adventures. James is a fly fishing guide and instructor and took three of us fly fishing in the Cajas. He supplied all the fishing gear, taught us about the equipment and the flies, and then he taught us how to cast. Within an hour, we were all catching large Rainbow Trout (around 3 lbs.). As a retired teacher, I was impressed by the way he taught. He was well prepared and he anticipated what our needs would be. He has an easy-going nature that allowed him to make corrections (and there were quite a few) in a supportive manner without making us feel stupid. If you have ever tried fly fishing, you know how frustrating it can be at first. James talked us through the frustrations, and by the end of the day I felt like I could fly fish at a basic level. For as good of a teacher as he is, perhaps his greatest asset is his personality. He is a genuinely nice person who is fun to be around. By the end of the day we were all joking around like we were old friends

Recommended by Riley

I highly recommend James and Fintastic Adventures for anyone wishing to have a great experience flyfishing up high in the Andes Mountains. Although the weather wasn't so cooperative, James still made sure that I had a good experience and went far out of his way to find the best sites for catching fish. He had great advice and was great company. The next time I make it to Ecuador, I will definitely take the opportunity again to fish with James.

Robert Andrus   



James Drummondo, Operator/ Fly Fishing Guide "Is The Man", when you read all of the satisfied customer letters, it is all true. So how do you follow up? I have been involved with fly fishing for five years. As a member of "The Reel Fly Girls", with many member professional fly fishers, it was a pleasure to spend time with a true professional. James does not disappoint, if you are looking for a unique and reel experience, do not hesitate to write him. He is very responsible and will respond to your interests. Thank You Very Much James for a wonderful day, one I will be proud to share with my fishing buddies back in Washington State. Sincerely, Gay Ann

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